Power Systems Integration

Dewey Electronics – the Fuel Behind Flexible Power Systems Engineering

Fuel-efficient Power Systems

Our engineers analyze and design fuel-efficient power systems, focused on generation sources that run on heavy fuel in military environments.

When Dewey designs your power system, you’ll work with a technical team that can specify and supply all aspects of power generation, power management, power distribution, energy storage, and energy management. We engineer systems that are compact, portable and transportable (open frame generators), trailer mounted (enclosed generator) or vehicle mounted (auxiliary power unit), self-contained (micro-grid or mobile power generation), or stationary.

Our engineering experience in generating power on the battlefield has expanded into power distribution and energy storage, enabling us to provide power generation systems that interface with energy storage devices (batteries of all types of chemistries) and power distribution systems. We also provide the control systems that can interface with your equipment to provide power, power distribution, or energy storage as needed.

Power Generation

Dewey Electronics is the leader in compact portable diesel power generation for military ground applications. We have fielded over 25,000 2kW military tactical generators since 1996, with high reliability and ease of operation and low maintenance engineered into all Dewey-designed diesel generators and auxiliary power units.

Design and manufacturing capabilities

  • Open frame portable generators
  • Enclosed compact generators
  • Auxiliary power units for vehicles/trailers/containers
  • Battery charging generators
  • Hybrid engine & battery power generation systems
  • Custom designs for your applications

Our product line ranges from 2kW to 10kW military-rated power generation systems designed for maximum uptime and minimum failures to deliver strong power availability when needed.

Our portable generators can be lifted manually into place and are often configured in an open frame for high portability and extreme reliability.

Experienced power integrator and custom solution provider

Dewey is an expert integrator of power generation components into other systems, so you’ll never be left wondering how to incorporate our hardware with your system—we’ll do it for you, with the features you need for optimal performance and configuration in any theater.

  • Our hybrid power system accepts and controls energy from solar, wind, and other alternative energy sources.
  • We integrate renewable and sustainable energy sources into your power system, resulting in significant fossil fuel saving.
  • Integrating multiple sources of energy yields significant life cycle cost savings, provided the control system is designed to optimize energy storage.

We offer customized solutions to voltage regulation, current limiting, battery charging, and motor in-rush current problems. We base our generators on the Yanmar air-cooled diesel engines, equipped with intuitive controls that are simple to understand. For heavier power train needs, we select the best available liquid-cooled engine as the basis for our generator design.

Power generation analysis

Dewey’s technicians will review your system’s power requirements and

  • Help you reduce the power system’s size
  • Analyze the load utilization and specify the properly sized generator for your application
  • Simplify your battery charging setup and system design
  • Implement fuel-saving auto-starting controllers

Power Distribution

Here are some powerful statistics: Dewey’s hybrid power generation systems can use 30%-90% less fuel, reduce maintenance cycles from 50% to 87%, and extend the system life by as much as 400%.

Power distribution capabilities

  • Power distribution systems
  • Alternative energy and renewable energy sources integration
  • Hybrid power systems
  • Load analysis
  • Load monitoring
  • Auto start and stop kits
  • Current limiting
  • Microgrid technologies
  • Soft start controls

Based on your power requirements and your system setup, we will analyze your system’s power usage and develop a power budget that supports your operational needs.

Our engineers will make recommendations that provide more reliable power with less fuel and greater energy storage for your system, then design the control system that provides power when needed, stores energy as required, and operates with or without a running generator as load demand rises and falls.

We can provide a 2kW portable military generator, trailer-mounted power systems with energy storage, hybrid power generating systems, vehicle APUs, containerized energy storage systems, and containerized microgrids. Each is built to power your applications when they must work in challenging and/or austere environments and interface with your existing power system, or can operate as a standalone unit or islanded to stand alone.

Energy Management

There’s no chance for error on the battlefield, so how battery charging is managed is of tantamount importance for storing energy and maintaining long battery life. Dewey provides best-in-class energy storage battery monitoring and charging capabilities incorporated in our hybrid generators. 

Energy management capabilities

  • Battery charging and monitoring techniques
  • Battery chemistry selection
  • Renewable energy source integration
  • Energy storage systems
  • Ultracapacitors

The Dewey energy management advantage

Our engineers can work with your team to determine the optimum energy storage device and battery chemistry, and provide guidance on battery monitoring and charging to support your system.