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Dewey Electronics Generator Accessories NATO Power Adapter
Dewey Electronics develops and manufactures proprietary generator accessories to enhance the use of our 2kW military tactical generators (MTGs)

Generator Accessories from Dewey Electronics

Dewey Electronics Generator Accessories Anti Wet Stacking Kit

Anti-wet stacking kit

The anti-wet stacking device allows the MTG to operate at its most fuel- and power-efficient level. The kit provides wet stack protection by automatically switching on a 500W (25%) load when the generator is at less than 25% load and switching it off at higher loads—without user intervention. The load is a heater attached to a large heat sink, sized to keep surface temperatures below the auto-ignition point of diesel fuel.

Additional anti-wet stacking kit features:

  • Utilized when applying steady state loads below 25% of full rated output
  • Provides a fixed load equal to 25% rated output
  • Senses load and switches on when loads are low and off when loads are greater than 35
Dewey Electronics Generator Accessories Automatic Refueler Kit

Automatic refueler kit for 2kW generator sets

The refueler kit is an automatic refueling system for MTG AC and DC generator sets. It is powered by the generator set to which it is connected; the suction line can connect to a 20L military fuel can or other fuel source. The kit is easy to store.
Additional refueler features:
  • Detects low tank level and switches on the pump until the tank is full
  • Pump will automatically switch off after a predetermined length of time
  • Fault indicator LEDs
  • All components fit within carry case
  • No disassembly is required for storage
Dewey Electronics Generator Accessories NATO Power Adapter

NATO Power Adapter

Our NATO adapter is designed for use with the Dewey 2kW 28V DC MTGs, with a maximum of 85 amps of 24V DC power. The adapter mounts directly to the open frame and comes complete with all mounting hardware for quick installation. It is connected to terminal lugs and the NATO plug is secured with a Velcro© strap.