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2kW Military Tactical Generators

Dewey Electronics 2kw Military Tactical Generator
Pictured: 2kW 120V AC MTG P/N 95-531
Since 1996 Dewey Electronics has been manufacturing and supplying the standard 2kW Military Tactical Generator to the US Department of Defense’s PM-Mobile Electric Power (PM-MEP).

Compact Military Tactical Generators that Offer Fuel and Output Flexibility

We have fielded over 25,000 MTGs in this open frame configuration for the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force, supported with a full logistic package in the DoD inventory.

Dependable, portable military power

Dewey’s 2kW tactical generators are available in two outputs: 120V AC MTG, P/N 95-531 and 2kW 28V DC MTG, P/N 95-501. They have become the mainstay of portable power for military applications worldwide for excellent reasons:
  • Fuel source flexibility – heavy fuel generators that operate on diesel and military fuels (JP-8)
  • Compact and portable units – open frame configuration enables users to easily lift, stack, and transports these generators
  • Highly reliable power source
  • Can be started with manual recoil starter or electrically from their NATO Slave Connector
  • Ease of maintenance thanks to their open configuration 

Available Models

Dewey Electronics 2kW Military Tactical Generator 28VDV

2kW 28V DC MTG P/N 95-501

Power Output:28V DC
Dewey Model:-501A
PM-MEP Model:MEP95-501A
Dewey Electronics 2kw Military Tactical Generator

2kW 120V AC MTG P/N 95-531

Power Output:120V 60Hz
Dewey Model:-531A
PM-MEP Model:MEP95-531A