Non-Power Products

Non-Power Products for the U.S. Navy

A Proud History of Military Programs

Dewey Electronics has supplied the U.S. military with a range of products and services since 1955. This relationship began with our scientific research and development, defense studies, and reports for the Department of Defense. As our company grew, we expanded our offerings with defense products to support systems underwater, on the seas, on the ground, and in the air.

Our legacy non-power products line is supported and marketed under The Pitometer Log Division (Pitlog)—a leader in ship speed and distance measurement since 1927 (acquired by Dewey Electronics in 1962). Today, The Dewey Electronics Corporation-Pitometer Log Division supplies the electromagnetic (EM) log to the U.S. Navy and several foreign navies. All of us at Dewey Electronics are proud to have served many successful military programs in the past: diesel-operated tactical generators, advanced capability torpedo components, undersea mines, power distribution equipment, radar equipment, and electromagnetic logs. These products helped build Dewey Electronics into the powerhouse for military-grade power solutions that it is today.

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Pitlog Products

Our Pitometer Log—or Pitlog—non-power products are designed for surface and sub-surface naval applications.