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1kW Custom Power Solutions

Deploy with our hybrid power system capable of delivering 1000 watts of continuous AC or DC power. The power storage and supply are housed in a 1610 Pelican case that incorporates a SAFT 6T battery that can power man-portable devices for days at a time without needing to recharge.
Dewey Electronics INI Power Custom Solutions 1KW ALLY

Trinity™ 1000 Autonomous Lightweight Lithium-ion Hybrid (ALLY™) Deployable Power Kit

The Trinity™-ALLY™ is compatible with any of the INI family of flex-fuel generators 1kW (IG1000), 2kW (IG2000), or 5kW (IG5000) with autonomous start/off capability.

Dewey Electronics INI Power Products Custom Ally Power Router

Autonomous Lightweight Lithium-ion Hybrid (ALLY™) 2000/1000 Power Router

Delivers 1000 Watts of continuous AC or DC power from the Flex-Fuel generator, and 1000 watts of continuous power from the 100% silent power supply. Solar optional.
Dewey Electronics INI Power Products Custom Solutions IG1000 / IntelliGEN Flex-Fuel Generator IG1000-ICMF

IntelliGEN™ 1000 Dual Liquid Fuel Generator (JP-8/Gasoline)

Dewey Electronics INI Power Products Custom 1kW Kit

IntelliGen™ 1000 Flex-Fuel Generator v2.5 With 2000-Hour Sustainment Kit

*Also available as a dual liquid fuel generator.

IntelliGen™ 1000 dual liquid fuel generator (JP-8/gasoline) v2.5 with 2000-hour sustainment kit