Dewey Electronics Capabilities
Dewey Electronics—a respected leader in power system development and integration—has a 70-year history of engineering and manufacturing generators, energy management systems, and related products for military use.

Capability Statement

Our theater-proven power products are built for the harshest environments, and provide superior system reliability and availability. Our engineers have designed innovative custom solutions that solve difficult parameter constraints; and our line of one-man mobile generators offer the portability and flexibility that certain field conditions demand.

Core Competencies

Active in diversified military product areas for the US Navy, Air Force, USMC and Army

Provide a wide range of military systems to various agencies of the Department of Defense as a prime contractor or subcontractor

Active in numerous foreign countries

Internal and customer-funded R&D services

  • Engine development and evaluation
  • Rapid prototyping of power systems and or components
  • Full scope of R&D from design through certification of electrical components, wiring and mechanicals
  • Fuel cell power components and reformer controls
  • First article testing
Manufacturing on site
  • Deeply skilled, high-precision machine shop
  • Hydraulic, electrical and mechanical assembly
  • Broad range of electrical test capabilities
  • Environmental chambers
EMI capabilities
  • Alternator performance and efficiency evaluation
  • Automated generator testing for production and endurance

Dewey Differentiators

Dewey Electronics Differentiators
Dewey Electronics specializes in solving complex power problems, with expertise in power integration. We understand the field environment, and develop and manufacture generators that improve field capabilities. Our line of multi-fuel, mobile, one-man portable products deliver superior tactical integrity.
  • 70-year history manufacturing generators and related equipment for defense and other challenging environments
  • Deep engineering experience designing and manufacturing complex, innovative systems that solve parameter constraints
  • Closely integrated manufacturing and engineering, resulting in fast prototyping and high-volume production of extremely reliable systems
  • Research and development team to bring new prototypes and products to market
  • Full range of energy management products and systems
  • Custom-designed generators are available as open frame or enclosed units that meet specific sound level and mounting requirements, and provide the power interface to existing systems to enhance performance.
  • Theater-proven tactical hybrid solutions provide flexibility and portability for US armed forces and government agencies

Past Performance

Since 1996, Dewey Electronics has been manufacturing and supplying the standard 2kW Military Tactical Generator to the U.S. Department of Defense’s PM-Mobile Electric Power (PM-MEP). We have fielded approximately 25,000 MTGs in this open frame configuration for the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force, supported with a full logistic package in the DoD inventory.
Dewey Electronics Vehicle Auxiliary Power Units Logistic Vehicle Power Supply 28V DC 3.5kW @ 2x


Dewey’s logistic vehicle power supply (LVPS) 28V DC 3.5kW[CS1] , an open frame LVPS APU, was designed to vehicle-mount as part of an IED Defeat System that was deployed in Iraq to support the USMC. It provided 28V DC power to charge a bank of Hawker Armasafe batteries that supplied power to the jammer system on the USMC Logistic Vehicle System.The LVPS featured a current limiting voltage regulator, simple single switch operation, and a cable remote control box. The enhanced air filter system passed Mil-Std-810E, Method 510.3 Blowing Sand and Dust. When equipped with the Dewey-designed mounting feet, it successfully passed the 1000-mile transportation/mission road test per Mil-Std-810E, Method 514.4.

Company Data

The Dewey Electronics Corporation is a small business of approximately 20 employees, based in Oakland, New Jersey. The company was founded in 1955 as a systems-oriented research and development organization that designed and built electronic and electromechanical systems for use by the US Navy and Air Force. Currently we design, manufacture, and integrate power generation, power distribution, power management, and energy storage components for mobile platforms and hybrid military systems for use in austere military environments.

DUNS 001947357
CAGE Codes 14058 and 47496
NAICS 33512, 334511

Contact Information

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