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Since 1955, Dewey Electronics has been the leading resource to the U.S. government for innovative power solutions for some of the toughest applications and environments.

About Dewey Electronics – a Long History of Delivering Innovative Power Solutions

Since 1955, Dewey Electronics has been the leading resource to the U.S. government for innovative power solutions for some of the toughest applications and environments. Our mission has always been to solve complicated power problems so our customers can operate more efficiently and safely. This is most often on the battlefield or other military theater, when users need a highly reliable power source with excellent system availability.

That reliability is backed by our expertise in engineering, system design, and full power integration, providing our customers with the exact solutions they need for power generation, power distribution, and energy management.

Our History

Decades of pioneering power system design

Dewey Electronics was founded as a systems-oriented research and development organization that designed and built electronic and electromechanical systems for the U.S. Navy and Air Force.


Throughout the years, Dewey has made acquisitions to grow and diversify our product lines and capabilities. These include the Pitometer Log Corporation (measurement equipment used onboard naval vessels) and the Avion Electronics Corporation (radar and microwave systems). Our ongoing acquisition plans enable us to expand our offerings, extend product lifespans, and better serve our customers.

A proven partner to the U.S. government

Dewey Electronics Partner Badge Department of Defense
Dewey Electronics Partner Badge Department of the Navy
Dewey Electronics Partner Badge Department of the Army
Dewey Electronics is a prime contractor to the U.S. government, including the armed forces and federal agencies. We specialize in providing power solutions that solve difficult parameter constraints. Every piece of Dewey Electronics equipment is backed by our deep bench of mechanical and electrical engineers, system-led analysts, and our 360°, top-level view of the entire power system and the field in which it will be called into service.


Our Capabilities

Innovative military power solutions and R&D

Generating superior power solutions

At Dewey Electronics, we have established ourselves as long-time proven experts in power system integration and field equipment design and manufacture. Our mission revolves around solving complex power problems and transforming them into our customers’ greatest asset. With our extensive expertise in engineering and manufacturing, we design, manufacture, and integrate power generation, power distribution, power management, and energy storage components for mobile platforms and hybrid military systems. These solutions are specifically tailored for use in the most challenging and austere military environments.

Our field generators, including the highly portable INI Power line, are revolutionizing the power game for our esteemed armed forces and corporate clients. We understand the critical importance of power availability precisely when and where it matters most. Our dedicated team ensures that the military generators you deploy from Dewey Electronics will perform with superior tactical integrity, providing the reliability and efficiency you demand.

Dewey Electronics tactical power solutions for deployment in even the most austere environments.
Dewey Electronics leading the way in research on tactical power solutions for deployment in even the most austere environments.

Leading research and development in the power field

As leaders in research and development within the power field, our team is continuously pushing the boundaries. We engineer advanced control systems for generators, battery monitoring/charging, fuel cells, and fuel reformers. Additionally, we craft custom solutions to meet even the most extraordinary challenges in the field.

Our research and development roots run deep, encompassing decades of engineering and manufacturing military power systems for various terrains—on land, sea, and air. Our primary goal is unwavering—to deliver the highest-quality, innovative power and energy systems for the battlefield environment. We firmly believe that the simplest tool, even amidst the most complex circumstances, is often the most reliable and ultimately the best solution.

Join us at Dewey Electronics, where we lead the charge in generating cutting-edge power solutions for military and commercial applications. Experience the power of excellence with our unmatched capabilities and commitment to innovation.


John Dewey, Chief Operating Officer, Dewey Electronics

John Dewey

Chief Executive Officer

After graduating magna cum laude from Duke University, John applied his degrees in computer science and fine arts as a software engineer at GTE Government Systems. where he worked on military tactical phone systems. He later worked at Symmetrix as a management consultant in the insurance and manufacturing sectors. Over time, John became an independent consultant with such clients as Lucent Government Solutions, Network Systems, and Farm Credit Financial Partners.

After the unexpected loss of Dewey Electronics’ founder in 2002, John stepped in as President and Chief Executive Officer. He established an internally and externally funded R & D capability that would develop the better subcomponents needed for compact and person-portable power systems. This technology and expertise led to the company’s successful lines of ultra-reliable hybrid power systems. John oversaw the introduction of additional product lines and technology via two key business acquisitions: Goodman Ball Incorporated and INI Power Systems.

In his free time, John is involved in education reform, currently sitting on the board of The Collaborative Classroom. This non-profit provides materials and professional development to teachers to enhance their effectiveness, and to help students grow academically, socially, and emotionally. He has also been seen attempting to write science fiction.

Edward L. Proskey

Senior Vice President

Ed joined Dewey Electronics in 1984. He directs all phases of our programs, applying his expertise in operations, and plant and production management to our business operations, including proposals and contracts, business plans, and workflow processes. He also manages human resources across multiple departments, ensuring excellent workflow, customer service, and quality control. In the financial department, Ed performs Dewey’s financial reviews and forecasts, workload planning, performance tracking, and program assessments. He also ensures proper resource allocation to meet changing contractual specifications. Ed holds a BA in business administration & economics from William Paterson University.
Edward Proskey, Senior Vice President at The Dewey Electronics Corporation
Stacey Mishcel, Finance Manager, Officer at The Dewey Electronics Corporation

Stacey Mishcel

Finance Manager

Stacey brings extensive blue-chip accounting and finance experience to Dewey Electronics. Her financial acumen was honed at some of the nation’s largest corporations as well as diverse regional organizations, with experience in all aspects of corporate accounting. In addition to her strong financial background, our company and our clients benefit from how strongly Stacey values teamwork, and her understanding of how all Dewey’s departments work together to achieve internal and external objectives. Stacey is a licensed CPA in New York State (inactive) and holds a BS in accounting from University of Maryland.