Focused Solutions
to Complicated Power Problems

Dewey Electronics is a leader in field-proven generators built for military applications. Our highly reliable equipment solves complex power problems where it matters most.

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Now a Division of Dewey Electronics

INI Power delivers the best in multi-fuel, mobile, one-man portable power products. Gain the tactical advantage with field-proven equipment built to deliver power anywhere—quietly and efficiently.

  • Multi-Fuel
  • Mobile
  • One-man Portable Products
  • Built for Field Environments
  • Tactical
  • Quiet
  • Military-Grade
  • Theater proven

The Dewey Difference

Turning power into your greatest asset

At Dewey Electronics, we are committed to delivering reliable, innovative power solutions to tackle the most complex power challenges, precisely where and when they are needed most—in the field, with unwavering tactical integrity.


Our top-performing equipment is meticulously designed to endure tough operational environments, ensuring exceptional system availability and reliability that you can trust.


Solving Complex
Parameter Constraints


70 Years of Experience
Building Solutions


Broad Product Line Backed
by Expert Engineering

Proven in the Field

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Dewey Electronics Raytheon and Boeing Approved Vendor
Dewey Electronics ISO 9001 Quality management System Certification
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Proud Partner

Dewey Electronics has been working with the U.S. government for decades, providing innovative power solutions to our armed forces and government agencies.

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When you need it, we can make it.

Your specs. Our expertise. Our engineers and machining team will develop the power source that meets your exact needs, designed to overcome your parameter constraints and integrate with your system.